April 1912 Hayashida Kunitaro Co. established, starts manufacture and sale of wooden spouts for barrels.
May 1953 Starts manufacture and sale of plastic bottle caps.
October 1956 Mikasa Industry Co., Ltd. established, opens Osaka Office.
November 1957 Succeeds in the development of a flat printing machine.
April 1970 Sets up Shin Nippon Polymer Co., a production factory, in Nara Prefecture.
April 1971 Sets up Seibu Mikasa Co., Ltd. (currently Seibu Office) in Fukuoka Prefecture.
April 1973 Sets up Uto Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. in Kumamoto Prefecture.
September 1977 Opens Tokyo Office
October 1984 Awarded the Ministry of Trade and Industry prize.
April 1987 Chairman Koichi Hayashida receives the Imperial Oju Prize for recognition of inventions related to plastic caps.
Sets up Tamari Co., Ltd. in Ibaraki Prefecture.
January 1990 Shin Nippon Polymer Co. is renamed Shin Nippon Polymer Co. Ltd.
April 1990 Uto Plastic Industry Co. is integrated into Shin Nippon Polymer Co., Ltd. and becomes Kyushu Factory (currently Kumamoto Factory).
Tamari Co. is integrated into Shin Nippon Polymer Co., Ltd. and becomes Kanto Factory (currently Ibaraki Factory).
April 1993 Mikasa Industry Co., Ltd. and Shin Nippon Polymer Co., Ltd. merge and unify manufacturing and sales.
March 1994 Completes fully automated plant at Kanto Factory (currently Ibaraki Factory) in Ibaraki Prefecture.
March 1994 Completes Narayama Laboratories in Nara Prefecture (currently Narayama Training Center) (in Kansai Science City).
April 1997 Completes construction of a new PET bottle plant at Kyushu Factory in Kumamoto Prefecture.
August 1999 Acquires ISO9001 quality management certification.
May 2006 Completes construction of Tochigi Factory in Tochigi Prefecture.
December 2006 Acquires ISO14001 environmental management system certification.
January 2010 Started to use the ISO9001 quality management system as our own quality control system.
June 2012 Made of the first presentation at PROPAK ASIA 2012(biggest packaging event in the region).
June 2013 Made of presentation at PROPAK ASIA 2013.
June 2014 MIKASA(THAILAND)CO., LTD is established in Thailand.
April 2015 MIKASA CAP(THAILAND)CO., LTD is established in Thailand.
December 2017 New head office is built in Nara Prefecture.
Nara Factory Logistics Center begins operation.