Message from the President

Our Company was first established in 1912 (start of the Taisho era), more than a 100 years to date.
At the time, we produced wooden spouts for barrels.
From the end of the 2nd World War, we decided to shift to producing plastic caps.
From there, we started to develop several innovative products, such as the GS Crown Cap, an alternative to the metal crown.
Due to this, the role of cap, which is part our daily lives, as well as the cap market, has expanded.

In addition, we have established an unmanned factory in Ibaraki Prefecture, a new bottle factory in Kumamoto Prefecture, and in Tochigi Prefecture a model factory, which pursues the ideals of “monotzukuri” – a Japanese manufacturing ideal.
While enhancing domestic productivity, we are striving to streamline all the factories with high quality and safe monotzukuri.
In June 2014, we have established a base in Thailand and took a major step forward in overseas business development.

In the future, while satisfying every need in the packaging industry, we are enhancing our domestic R&D functions in order to create new, environmental friendly products and bio plastics, as our theme.

Furthermore, as Japan will be our home base, we aim to expand our activities overseas, bringing our expertise and capabilities which have satisfied the needs of our customers in Japan, especially to the Asian market – notably where economic growth has been remarkable.

"Originality and ingenuity". "To create something from nothing". "Rejecting the status quo". With these in mind, our Company aims to be an innovative company, where originality is brought to life. In other words, giving an idea a visible shape and form.

Finally, through our commitment and capabilities, we will deliver one-of-a-kind products, which have pleased our customers. With this, we will continue to strive to contribute to society more than ever.