Mikasa Industry, which used to manufacture wooden spouts for Sake barrels in 1912,
developed the "GS Crown Cap", an opener-free plastic crown cap in 1963.
Subsequently, we delivered products that improved liquid packaging, one after another.
In total, we have developed over 5,000 products, with 1,300 products to offer.
What is consistent there is our "creative ingenuity".
For over 100 years through continuous improvement, down to the minute details, as well as reforms,
we have cemented the trust to our clients through our products, which are "ONLY in MIKASA".
We will continue to bring that trust, while delivering consistent, top-quality products.

WAKERU means to separate.
Along with convenience in opening and sealing properties in order to maintain the quality of contents, it is a must that caps are easy-to-segregate, taking into consideration proper disposal after use. We developed a cap that breaks the seal by hand, and then easily separate from the bottle. Through this, we are meeting the environmental awareness of consumers and society.

AKERU means to open.
The pull open cap, which became the standard nowadays, is what we commercialized in 1969. After that, we developed the Newton cap, a cap which can be opened only by twisting, without the need of the pull open ring.  While preserving the quality of the contents, we continue to pursue convenience that adds value to the consumer.

SOSOGU means to pour.
In order to reliably pour liquid foods, we researched cap lip designs, that match according to the viscosity of the contents and the amount of poured. We are developing a cap that can adjust the pouring flow rate, and moreover its liquid cut effectiveness. Not only it is easy to pour, but it also keeps the product clean without creating drips and spills.

MAMORU means to protect.
We developed a cap with a visible band, that serves as an immediate tamper evidence, at a glance.

Along with the sealability required for the cap, it serves as protection against tampering, enhances food safety, and delivers a sense of security to consumers.