Future Prospect

Retroactive to 100 years ago, our company’s technology of “stopping liquid” began from wooden tap here in Nara prefecture.

Since then, the technology of “stopping liquid” has been developed to the total packaging technology of “wrapping liquid” and developed all around the nation.

As the time changes, the material changed from wood to plastic; the container changed from tap to cap, bottle, and spout; and the content changed from Sake(Japanese rice wine) to all the food seasoning such as soy sauce and rice vinegar.

As Japan faces the decrease of birthrate, aging population, and abroad packaging company’s market penetration, the way of desired packaging itself is changing. Therefore, rapid and various responds are required.

Fortunately, in 2012, we came to the turning point by commemorating the 100 anniversary.

We are currently in the second stage of establishment. In order to continue to be the company that gains the customer’s satisfaction, we would like to continue to act flexibly to adapt the changes in the world. Holding a new vision, we would like to challenge the new generation’s field.

1. Expanding the activity field to abroad

By taking technologies and know-how that we have been accumulating for a century as strength, we would like to respond to the various needs from costumers in foreign countries as well as in Japan.

Through foreign exhibitions of package container and the market researches, we feel the high demand especially in Asia for the caps of the glass bottles that we are strong at making.

By taking the advantage of the know-how and factors, through which we have been responding to Japanese customers, first, we would like to enter the Asian markets which are growing remarkably.

2. Promoting total packaging technology with “over the current situation” as an acting principle

To continue to respond to customers’ need for the caps and the containers, inside and outside of the country, it is necessary for us to drastically develop the mass production technology, in addition to product design technology.

Therefore, from now on, by taking in the cutting-edge technologies of mold, injection molding, and testing and merging them with our company’s own basic technology, we would like to create a sustainable and efficient mass producing system.

3. Gaining satisfaction of the customers by pursuing the functionality and design

In addition to the functionality of the container, we are focusing on the design. By bringing the artistic atmosphere to a scene of the customer’s dining hour and daily life; and through this we would like to gain the satisfaction and the smile of the customer.

To produce high functionality and design package, we are working on developing additional high value commodity and demand – creation type commodity.