Corporate Profile


Toshiaki Hayashida, Representative Director About 100 years ago— In 1912, Mikasa was established as a maker of wooden spouts for barrels. In 1953, we developed a plastic cap. Since then we have been supplying a wide range of plastic caps to various industries. Our innovative developments have given new dimensions to the role played by caps. One such product was the GS Crown Cap which replaced old metal crown caps.

We aim to establish a future business strategy for quality control and hence we set up a fully automatic hygienic production area (clean room) in our Ibaraki factory, opened Narayama Laboratories in Kansai Science city, built a new bottle plant within our Kumamoto factory, and constructed Tochigi Factory, which brought together the latest technology in May 2006. We are looking to the future and working not only to give continuous support to our customers and meet their needs for caps and bottles, but also to offer products designed for environment and a more comfortable life around the world, in a new total package.

Our company history clearly shows that originality is the key to our business. Our basic principles are originality and ingenuity, create something from nothing and refuse to accept the status quo.
We will carry on our tradition of nurturing the creative merits of individual staff to develop new ideas. We aim to contribute to our customers and society through the development of better packaging.

Toshiaki Hayashida, Representative Director