New Product

People nowadays are demanding packages with various functions: environment-friendly recyclability, creative shapes and materials to approach the five senses, universal designs that can be accepted by any generation as well as basic functions such as sealing performance, quality maintenance, and safety.
Under these circumstances, the packages that we provide must be evolved at all times to meet the world’s demands.
We would like to continue to produce new products by taking advantage of our high product development ability and high technology.

New-ton Cap

“Pull-Ring-Less Type”:
Can be used immediately by turning the screw cap

“Design Concepts”

“Easier and Safer to Use”

Characteristics 1: Enable to open the cap by one action

The cap can be opened, just by turning the cap to the rotating direction.
Since there is no pull-ring, no need for the second opening action. Therefore, no need to worry about your hands dirty and enable to open smoothly.

Characteristics 2: Tamper-evident function

The cap can be opened by screwing it and cleaving a tamper-evident break-off band with the sound “tick”. This mechanism enables us to identify the cap conditions, whether opened or unopened, by checking the band at a glance. These can be also used to prevent mischief.

Characteristics 3: Capping (at filling up the content)

The cap and the inner plug are already assembled at the time of delivery; therefore, capping at filling can be finished in one process of capping.

Characteristics 4: “Improvement of liquid draining”

The liquid draining ability has been improved by adopting the pointy shape of bottle mouth as a dressing spout.
Easy to adjust the amount and place to pour the dressing depending on your preference.