Caps are essential to completion of containers such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, and pouches.
There are various functions required for these containers. With respect to their functionality, considerations for not only quality guarantee but also excellent usability/user-friendliness in such situations as opening/closing, pouring out, storing, discarding, and sealing are required.
Mikasa Industry has been responding to customers’ various needs through the development and production of caps and bottles.
Under its own integrated system, from technology development to designing and manufacturing, we would like to continue to seek “people-friendly, safe, and easy-to-use packages”.

“Good Liquid Draining”

To improve the liquid draining, we have changed to the draining structure higher and wider.

“Easy to Separate for Recycling”

No need to use tools such as a bottle cap opener to separate.
Anyone can separate the cap from the bottle by taking off the upper lid and breaking the seal by holding the knob of the cap itself.

  1. Take off the upper lid and tear the knob of the cap. Then, turn the knob to the right direction until it stops.
  2. Remove the cap by pulling it up after tearing up the knob.

“Easy to Open”

By making the upper lid bigger than the previous version so as to make a hooking part better fit to one’s thumb, we realized easy-to-open cap.

正面 ツバ 開封

“Preventing from Splashing”

By changing the structure from the previous version, both range and amount of liquid splashing decreased drastically when closing the upper lid of the cap while the content is attached to the outer part of the cap. The change is putting a cover at the flange/brim part.

“Improved the Heat-Resistance ability”

Heat-Resistance ability has been greatly improved compared to the previous version