Business guide

Food Cap Divison

We offer the best packaging ideas to meet the customer’s individual needs, mainly through original cap designs.
The ideas we offer are based on discussions with our customers about their machinery, environment, and consumer usability.

Non-Food Cap Division

We develop and produce caps and closures for non-food applications such as pharmaceutical, toiletry (, household) and sanitary products.
We will happily provide cap and closure designs to meet customer’s requests.

Spout Division

We would like to recommend the use of our caps for reclosable flexible pouches.
These so-calld spout packages are eco-friendly and are less bulky than plastic bottles or containers.We offer a wide range of spout packaging ideas for pouches.Uses vary depending on the product type, customer’s machinery and environment.

Bottle Division

We offer various size bottles from wide mouth to narrow neck. Bottles can be single-layered, multi-layered and or heat-resistant to meet customer’s functional requirements using materials such as PET, olefins and or biodegradable resin.The choice depends on the type of product and filling environment.We can also provide specially designed (custom-designed) bottles if desired.